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Error creating Web Application on SharePoint 2010 through Central Administration


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I tried to create a Web Application on SharePoint 2010 through the Central Administration and received the following error, “Specified value is not supported for the parameter”.

This error message is kind of vague. After some troubleshooting I discovered it could not verify the account I was using because my Domain Controller was offline.

Cannot contact Domain Controller was the reason I got this error message. I had my Domain Controller powered off.





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  1. thank you! You've saved my time! :)

  2. I have encountered the same error when creating this Web Application too and my Domain Controller was offline too.

  3. Dude, you are very brilliant that after some troubleshooting you discovered it could not verify the account you were using because your Domain Controller was offline. Good job.All the best.

  4. Pretty piece of the writing shared about error creating web application and this was troubleshooting I followed that is really helpful to all. I am simply pleased and this will be useful for me. Thanks and keep on going…! :)

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