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Original post @ Microsoft’s NLB Clustering is kind of to High Availability Load Balancing what Natural Light is to the beer world. Both will basically get the job done, and on the cheap, but in the long run they might leave you with a wicked headache and wishing you spent a few extra dollars […]

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In this article we will change the default listening port for RDC/RDP from 3389 to 5555. This is useful when you want to prevent external or internal users from scanning port 3389 to see what computers are available to connect to. Sure they can scan port 5555 however it is another step for an intruder […]

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This is very useful when you want to test outgoing email for an application but not have access to an SMTP server. This is great for many applications including SQL Reporting Services, SharePoint and any other application which allows you to set an email/smtp server. Prerequisites 1. Create and setup a Gmail account at […]

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I have 5 SharePoint Servers; I would like to disable a couple unused and unnecessary services on all of them. Create Organizational Unit (OU) The first thing I am going to do is create an OU (Organizational Unit) in AD and add these servers to the OU Within “Active Directory Users and Computers” right click […]

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A nice feature that can sometimes by annoying is the Shutdown Event Tracker, that allows you to comment every time you shut off a server. While I do understand the auditing requirements to have this in place on production server, this feature is unnecessary for development and test servers and can be disabled. …

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It’s possible to Force SSL on web pages using ASP. In this article I will show you how to accomplish this. To do this you need to do 2 things. Create a ForceSSL.asp page Set the file as an include on any pages that require SSL ForceSSL.asp Within your website create a file called ForceSSL.asp. […]

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When attempting to view a MOSS (SharePoint) 2007 or SharePoint 2010 site locally from a Web Front End (WFE) you get an error stating: “HTTP Error 401.1 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.” I have noticed that this happens on Windows 2003/2008 Server SP1/SP2/R2 when using Host Headers and Alternate Access Mappings […]

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In this article I will move an SSL certificate from a Windows 2003 Server box to a Windows Server 2008 machine. We will need to export the certificate on the 2003 Server and import and configure the SSL certificate on the 2008 Server. This article is divided into 4 sections: Export …

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In this article I will load balance 2 servers and take you through the process step-by-step. Load Balancing takes 2 or more servers and lets them share one IP address so both servers can serve client requests. At the end of this article you should be able to configure NLB. Gathering Information …

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